Moss Motors Wide Range of Parts, Most Triumph models

The Roadster Factory Wide Range of Parts, Most Triumph models

British Parts Northwest Wide Range of Parts, Most Triumph models

The Wedge Shop TR7 & TR8 Specialists.  Some parts for other models.

British Heritage Motorsports Local Moss Re-seller

Macy's Garage TR2 – TR3B Limited new and rebuilt parts

British Wiring Wiring for all Triumph models

Team Triumph Mostly Used Parts; some new and NOS parts

Rimmer BrothersWide Range of Parts, Most Triumph models,including Stag. In UK, but has USA Phone support.

Revington TR TR2, TR3, TR4, TR250, TR6. Wide range of parts, including some not available elsewhere. In UK

TR Shop London TR2, TR3, TR4, TR250, TR6. New and extensive used parts. In UK

British Motor Heritage Ltd. "TR6, TR7, TR8, Spitfire, GT6, Stag – Body panels from original presses, Some additional parts. In UK

TRGB TR2, TR3, TR4, TR250, TR6. New parts. In UK

Convertible Top Guys Custom made Convertible Tops & Hardware.

MacGregor British Rubber Moldings & Seals In Canada

Local Service

Heritage Motorsports Local Repair & Maintenance, Many parts / Club Member

Mels Auto British Car Repair Located in San Marcos, they are familiar with Triumphs and do a good job.

Classic Showcase Up in Oceanside.  Not the cheapest, but they do great work.  Specializes in Jags.

Tim Clermont In Oceanside.  General mechanic who has worked on Triumphs before.

SU Rebuilders, LTD. Specializes in Carburetors and Fuel Pumps

The Dyno Shop at Santee Auto Care Can tune up your Triumph carbs and make your car great again

How-to Help

The Ottawa Valley Triumph Club All of Randall Young's extensive Triumph documentation, nicely organized.

Randall Young's Documents A bit disorganized, but this has all his documents he has collected over the years.

Moss Motors Dozens of helpful videos

The Roadster Factory Some instruction linked from home page.

Macy's Garage Several Technical Guides

Heritage Motorsports Local Repair & Maintenance / Club Member


British Car Forum Been around for 20 years, well-organized and recently upgraded website, catering to the LBC community.

The Triumph Experience This site is dedicated to Triumphs specifically and has a very nice forum.

The 6-Pack Forum Devoted especially to TR6 


The Triumph Club of Southern California is a very active and large club which some of our members also participate in.

Hemmings listing of Triumphs for sale A good place to list your Triumph or find that new Triumph you've always wanted. Hundreds of cars are listed in all manner of conditions.

Bring a Trailer  Good place to buy or sell.  Has history of make/model/price of all sales.

Tuning the Lucas Distributors A great source to all there is to know about the Lucas Distributor.

Distributor Advance A good explanation of how distributor advance works with an excellent graph showing Ported vs Manifold vacuum as the throttle is changed. If you have a TR6, there is a good section of Tech Articles that are both informative and good reads. This has everything you need to know about how to restore a TR6.  There are 125 articles, each carefully explained with plenty of pictures. They will ship your Triumph anywhere.  Call them up and mention code "tsccsd" for a club discount.