About Us

A Bit of History

The Triumph Sports Car Club of San Diego was conceived by several racing enthusiasts in early 1963 and, on July 12 of that year, filed with the State of California as a non-profit corporation. The club had seven members. The club survived for 15 years, with as many as 50 members during its peak. The club was a member of the Sports Car Club of America for several years and during its most active period conducted regular monthly meetings, rallyes, picnics, car shows, concours, slaloms, hill climbs, brunches, and social events.

The club progressed through the years until 1978 when the membership was so low (5 members) that the club was disbanded when the treasurer closed out the club bank account and disappeared with the funds.

All was quiet until November 1979 when the club was re-organized with new officers. President, Vice-President, and Secretary along with four other members gave a grand total of seven.

A newsletter was suggested with one member as Editor, and was named "Triumphs, Trials, and Tribulations." The first issue was out in December 1979 and has gone from two typed pages to what it is today. In 1981 TSCCSD became the 15th chapter of the "Vintage Triumph Register" and in 1982 won VTR's Richard M. Langworth Award for Newsletter Excellence.

The club prospered and grew to over 120 members. At that time TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR3B, were the dominant cars, while today it is the TR6. Membership has stabilized at around 80-90 members for several years now.

Our "event of the year" has always been Triumph Appreciation Day (TAD). It started as a full-blown concours-type of event, but has become more of a social event than a judging contest. We still rallye whenever possible, being the defenders of the Ball Bearing Breaker Challenge Cup, and we still enjoy tech sessions, long drives, picnics, and many other diversions and delights.

Member Rides

With almost a hundred members and over a hundred Triumphs, there are quite a few cars in the club. Here is a sampling of some of the members' rides.